Ciao Bella, first lingerie collection

Helen Valk Varavin is releasing her 10th lingerie collection this summer and we would like to share her story how she taught herself to sew designer silk lingerie.
The idea came to her when Estonia struggled with economic crisis. It was a time when Estonia wasn’t so widely aware of indie lingerie designers.
The local stores sold cheap mass production lingerie. The colors were nice enough but when it came to having a bigger bosom, the selection shrunk down to bras that were the color of sadness. The straps were about 5 cm wide and there were at least 5 hooks to hold all that weight up. Harness to fight gravity, Helen laughed.
As you can already imagine, those bras were ugly and looked like the "granny bras" bought from your local supermarket.
Helen was designing silk dresses at that time, she then started to think why is she putting polyester bras under these luxurious dresses anyway? And perhaps she can make the bras herself.

But it wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Helen was still a young desinger/businesswoman and sometimes happened to follow other's advice. 
A popular opinion was that one designer couldn’t possibly design and produce all lingerie by herself. Also that mass production is the only way to produce lingerie be successful. 
Helen made the samples herself and got them photographed at a studio. She then hired a seamstress who promised to make the items ready by December 1st.

But when she got her lingerie back by December first, the items were unfinished.
Helen was under a big stress and was about to give up.
By finishing all the unfinished products she realized it is actually possible to design and sew everything herself and be successful. 
Helen is releasing her 10th lingerie collection this summer. The photos will be taken this Sunday and during next week you will see the most fabulous lingerie collection of this summer. The colors and designs are so glamorous, you will gladly agree with a spontaneous beach trip even if you don't have your swimsuit with you. 

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