Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

 HVV Disain OÜ has assumed the obligation to protect the privacy of the customers and users of the website. Therefore, we have drawn up these privacy policy principles, which concern the collection, use, disclosure, transfer, and storage of customer details. Our online operations are in compliance with the legislation of the European Union and with the laws of the Republic of Estonia. Please take some time to get to know our privacy policy.

Responsible processor of clients’ data is HVV Disain OÜ registration code 11943503, address: Arukase 6, Tartu, Estonia. Phone number +372 55544177, e-mail

HVV Disain OÜ  is not using the details of our customers for illegal purposes. HVV Disain OÜ is not disclosing the details or personal data of our customers to third parties, unless disclosure of such information is compulsory and compliant with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia. All customer details (personal data and payment information) are inaccessible by third parties. respects the privacy and confidentiality of the personal data of our customers. All customer details are protected by the data protection legislation of Estonia.


1.1 may collect and receive Customer Data in various ways. When you visit or use the Websites or Services, we collect and process different types of information about you (Customer Data):

a. Identity Data includes first and last name, user ID.

b. Contact information includes billing address, shipments address, email address, homepage, social media identifiers, fax or phone number. Such information may also include contact persons and representative data.

c. Professional Information about company information, workplace location, and other administrative and sales information and goals.

d. Financial information includes bank, bank account, payer, deadlines, sanctions and credit details.

e. Transaction Data contains details of payments and sales documents and other details of the products and services you have purchased from us.

f. Marketing and Communication Data includes your desires for advertising and communication with us and third parties.


2.1. Customers leaving their contact details (name, telephone, e-mail address, postal address, etc.) at the disposal of HVV Disain OÜ enable  us to fulfil the customers’ wishes and, in the case of any issues, settle them together.

2.2. HVV Disain OÜ uses your Personal Information to:

a. To provide, update, manage and protect our Services, Websites and Business.

b. Communicating with you, responding to your demands, comments and questions. If you contact us, we can offer you use Other Information to reply.

c. Develop and provide additional features.

d. Email and other communications. We may send you the Service, technical and other administrative emails, messages, and more information. We may also contact you to inform you Your changes in our Services, related to the Service offers and important service announcements, such as security and fraud alerts. In addition, we sometimes send emails new product features, ad communication, or other to send news about HVV Disain OÜ. These are marketing messages, which you can control yourself.

e. Billing, account management and other administrative matters. If necessary, HVV Disain OÜ may contact you for billing, account management, and other similar reasons, and we use account data to manage accounts and track invoices and payments.

2.3. HVV Disain OÜ collects information about the visitors of our website for statistical purposes (number of visitors, time of the visit, duration, etc.). Such information is not connected to individuals, but provides statistical information. This information is used for marketing and customer service purposes and may be transferred to third parties for data processing, in which case the anonymity of our visitors remains ensured.


3.1. Personal data are processed for the purpose of executing the contract with the client.

3.2. The processing of personal data takes place in order to fulfill a legal obligation (eg accounting and settlement of consumer disputes).


4.1. HVV Disain OÜ news are only emailed to the customers who have subscribed to the mailing list. Customers who are no longer interested in receiving news from us may unsubscribe at any time. Our customers’ email addresses and telephone numbers are not disclosed to third parties.


5.1.  HVV Disain OÜ transfers the personal data necessary for the execution of payments to the authorized payment processor Maksekeskus AS.

5.2. Personal information is passed to online store customer support to manage purchases and purchase history, and to resolve customer issues.

5.3. Personal data will be transferred to the accounting service provider for accounting purposes.

5.4. Personal information may be transferred to information technology service providers where necessary to ensure web store functionality or data hosting.


6.1. Unless otherwise provided by law, the Customer shall have the right at any time to inspect his / her personal data and to request the modification or deletion of such data. Personal information can be accessed and corrections made to the online store user profile. If the purchase is made without a user account, personal information can be accessed through Client Support.

6.2. To delete your personal information, please contact customer support at The request for erasure shall be replied to within not more than one month and the period for erasure shall be specified.

6.3. The customer has a right at any time to demand that their details will be transferred to different media by writing digitally signed statement to HVV Disain OÜ has a right to decline if they feel it is not safe to transfer details to third-party.


7.1. Closing an online store customer account will delete personal information unless it is necessary to maintain such data for accounting or consumer dispute resolution purposes.

7.2. If a purchase is made without a client account in the online store, the purchase history is kept for three years.

7.3. In the case of disputes concerning payments and consumer disputes, personal data shall be retained until the claim has been complied with or until the limitation period has expired.

7.4. The personal data necessary for accounting purposes shall be kept for seven years.


8.1. Personal data is stored on the servers of Voog located in the territory of a Member State of the European Union or countries that are members of the European Economic Area.

8.2. Access to personal information is available to online store staff, who can access personal information to resolve technical issues related to the use of the online store and to provide customer support.

8.3. HVV Disain OÜ implements appropriate physical, organizational and IT security measures to protect personal information from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration or unauthorized access and disclosure.

8.4. The transfer of personal data to authorized processors of HVV Disain OÜ (eg, data hosting of a transport service provider) is subject to agreements with the web store and the authorized processors. Controllers are obliged to provide appropriate safeguards for the processing of personal data.


9.1. If the customer feels HVV Disain OÜ has been violating their right processing personal details, they have right to turn to Guidelines on Data Protection Officers and court.

Accepting the privacy policy of HVV Disain OÜ by customers

By using the services provided by HVV Disain OÜ, the customer confirms having read our privacy policy and agreeing to the terms and conditions thereof.